How Targeted Advertising Helps You Find Great Employees

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It takes more than a job posting to fill a critical role. This guide to targeted advertising will help you ensure you’re reaching the right candidates.
Targeted Advertising Helps ​Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and niche job posting sites are designed for companies to post their jobs to reach active job seekers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also great places to post job openings to reach candidates who may not be necessarily looking on job websites. Most companies post their jobs on job websites and just hope for qualified candidates. If you’ve done it yourself, you may have found that it takes a little more than a job posting to fill a critical role. You may want to utilize targeted advertising to increase your reach.

What is targeted advertising?

​It is an online advertisement that targets a specific group of people. You’re probably looking for a candidate with certain types of skills or interests, so you want to make sure you reach those people. If using targeted advertising correctly, your job ad will be shown to people who meet your specific criteria.

Which types of targeted advertising exist?

​While there are many types of targeted advertising, as a small to midsize business owner searching for your next great hire, only specific types will be relevant to you.

1. Behavioral Targeting (aka Audience Targeting)

This type of advertising targets people based on their online behavior. This can include pages visited, searches performed, links clicked, products purchased, and more.

If you’re hiring an accountant in California you’ll want to create your advertising based on candidates behavior online. For example, you’ll want to target people who visit accounting job websites or searched for accounting related articles. As a job seeker is searching for sales jobs on Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, or etc., they will establish a pattern of behavior and your job advertisement will be shown to them.

​When creating targeted ads, approximately 76% of marketers don’t use behavioral data. This results in missed opportunities. If you want to stand out from the rest, consider Behavioral Targeting.

2. Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting, while similar to Behavioral Targeting, targets candidates only based on their keyword searches. ​

For example, a company hiring a sales person in New York will want to target search keywords such as “sales jobs in New York” or “sales jobs near me” on Google, Bing, or other search engines. Your ads would appear in the results and will more likely to be noticed by job seekers.

3. Niche Job Posting Site

​While Indeed and ZipRecruiter sites are a great starting point for posting your job, they’re too general. Utilizing niche job posting sites can be another form of targeted advertising. For example, if you’re in the Agriculture or Food industry post your jobs on If you’re looking to hire an engineer, post your job on Or if you’re looking for a logistics manager, try Quality job seekers in these industries know these sites and prefer them to many of the general job web sites.

Who can I target?

You can target nearly anyone with an online presence. You can use demographic data, such as location, and behavioral data, such as keyword searches. While the possibilities are endless, keep in mind different platforms have different options and restrictions when it comes to advertising jobs.

Where can I use targeted advertising?

You can use targeted advertising on social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, and search engines, like Google and Bing. Also, be sure to make use of niche job posting websites.

How can targeted advertising help me?

By using targeted ads, your job opening is placed in front of specific, qualified individuals. These individuals are already better suited for the position and can deliver what’s asked of them.

If you choose to forgo targeted ads, you may receive a large number of applicants who are not qualified, not suited for the position, and cannot deliver. More applicants will result in more rejections and more time spent in the hiring process.

Targeted advertising is one more essential part of today’s hiring process. It is more effective and efficient. Your ad is shown to qualified individuals who match your criteria, giving you a list of qualified candidates.

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

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