6 Tips for Writing Better Job Descriptions

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Finding the right candidate starts with writing a job description. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you craft the most effective listing.
It’s true what they say: good help is hard to find. If you’re going to find the right employees, you have to start with the right job description. Here are six tips that will help you craft the most attractive job listing possible. 

1. Start with a Great Job Title

Don’t underestimate the importance of getting the job title right. Think of a job title as the title of a book or article. If it doesn’t grab the attention of the potential applicant right away, you shouldn’t expect them to keep reading.
Try taking an ordinary job title and transforming it into something creative and specific. However, don’t get too creative. You still want the responsibilities of the position to be clear.

2. Make a Clear Value Proposition

A job description shouldn’t just be about what you want an applicant to bring to the table. It should also demonstrate how the experience can benefit the applicant. This isn’t limited to compensation and benefits. It should also mean disclosing fun perks about working for your company such as gym memberships or company get-togethers. You should also mention opportunities for growth.

3. Be Upfront About Salary and Benefits

You may be tempted to wait until later in the interview process to reveal the specifics of compensation and the benefits package for a position. But you aren’t doing yourself any favors. You don’t want to get attached to a candidate who isn’t willing to work at the salary you’re offering. Be upfront about compensation and benefits early to attract more job applicants who will actually work in your price range.

4. Enhance Readability

​When someone is wading through dozens and likely hundreds of job descriptions, they aren’t going to be reading every single word. Odds are they will be skimming most if not all of the applications. Make your job listing easy to skim to attract more applicants. Use lots of bullet points, concise sentences, and short paragraphs. Headers also maximize skimming potential.

5. Incorporate Media

You don’t have to limit your job description to a written description—you can include media too. Just like with most things on the internet, you’ll get more hits if you include pictures or video. Videos are especially great at attracting attention! You could film a video asking employees what they like about working at your company and showcase the environment candidates would be working at. This will definitely set you apart from the other companies that are hiring.

6. Include a Hiring Timeframe

​Every company has a different timeframe when it comes to hiring and onboarding. Let job applicants know from the get-go how long you anticipate the hiring process taking. This helps applicants know how long it should take for you to get back to them with your answer. It’s attractive because no one likes applying to a position and never hearing back.

Get Help with Hiring Using Hiring Team

Looking for help isn’t an easy process. But with these tips, you will hopefully be able to attract the right candidate faster! For additional assistance with your hiring needs, connect with Hiring Team! We help businesses in a wide variety of industries fill open positions fast!

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Get more hiring and hr tips and follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

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