6 Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

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Asking the right questions is key. Here is a look at what you can and can’t say during job interviews.
Every business no matter the size has hiring difficulties. But when you run a small business, a lack of resources can make hiring even more complicated. Chances are, you don’t have the resources for an entire department dedicated to hiring. That means you’re having to do a lot of the work all on your own, in addition to your other CEO responsibilities. Here are a few hiring tips for small businesses that will simplify your life as an entrepreneur.

1. Only Hire When There’s a Need

As an entrepreneur, your time and energy are constantly divided between a million different things. But that’s not good for your sanity or your business growth. Outsourcing mundane tasks like sending emails, returning phone calls, and managing your schedule helps you hone your focus on what really matters. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can opt for a virtual assistant who performs these tasks remotely.

2. Clearly Outline Your Interview Process

Interviews are awkward and nerve-wracking for everyone involved. If you try to go into an interview and just wing it, you’re wasting your time and your candidate’s. It’s helpful to have a plan for the interview process and let your candidate know what to expect, including how many interviews there will be and who will be interviewing them.

3. Be Upfront About Downsides

Even the best jobs in the world have downsides. These downsides will always become apparent whether it’s early on in the interview process or after a person has held a position for a while. If you’re completely ignoring these negatives and only telling a candidate the positives, you run the risk of getting attached to a candidate who will quickly leave their position after you’ve hired them. Make sure you’re giving them a comprehensive look at their role so they know what they’re getting into.

4. Impress Your Candidate

There’s so much emphasis on candidates impressing potential employers, but not nearly enough emphasis on employers impressing potential candidates. Even though you don’t want to give candidates a rose-colored glasses version of a role, you do want to impress them. Make sure you’re punctual, well prepared for your interview, and responsive to any questions they have along during the hiring journey. Remember that even if you offer a candidate a position, they won’t necessarily accept. But working hard to impress them will maximize their chances of accepting your offer.

5. Don’t Expect One Interview to Be Enough

The idea of doing multiple interviews may sound daunting, but it may be exactly what you need to do. It’s difficult to get the amount of information you need from a candidate after just one meeting. Multiple interviews give you a chance to really delve deep into the candidate and get a much better idea of how they may (or may not) benefit your business. Ultimately, you will make a more informed hiring decision.

6. Remember That Turnover Has a Price

Turnover isn’t just inconvenient. It’s expensive. The less turnover you have, the less resources you’ll have to put into your hiring process. Your business will also run more smoothly, and you’ll develop better morale among your team.

With this hiring tip for small businesses in mind, it’s important to invest in your hiring process and go about it strategically. If you don’t feel 100% about a candidate, they aren’t worth the risk of hiring them. You can maximize your chances of choosing the ideal candidate by utilizing Hiring Team. We’ve helped many small businesses find the talent they desperately need. We also do it quickly. To get started, contact Hiring Team today!

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer is the Marketing Manager at AgHires. Karyn enjoys learning and discovering new ways to help clients to reach their goals. Hiring Team takes the guesswork and frustration out of the hiring process. Your on-demand Hiring Team will cut down your time spent hiring up to 70%.