5 Tips for Building a Better Company Culture

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Is your company culture attracting and retaining talent? This helpful guide will help you improve your culture from the employee level up.
5 tips for building a better company culture
It can be hard to capture what company culture actually is. Essentially, it’s your business’s personality. It’s the values that your organization prioritizes, and it affects both your customers’ perceptions of your business as well as your employees’ feelings about working there.
The importance of company culture can’t be overstated. But even if you know your company culture is lacking, it can be a challenge to actually improve. There’s no way to magically improve your company culture overnight. It will take time. Here are five tips to help!

1. First, Determine Your Company Values

​Ideally, figuring out your values should be one of the first things you do when starting a business. But if it wasn’t and you’ve been in business for a while, it’s not too late! Some values like honesty and integrity will be obvious. But other values should be more unique to your organization. For example, maybe family is an important value for your business. This could manifest in giving employees more flexibility to spend time with their families and leave work to pick their kids up from activities.

2. Implement a Reward System

Once you’ve clearly outlined what values are important to you as a company, it’s time to take action. Put a system in place that rewards people who are actually working in line with those values. For example, if you value building strong relationships with customers, choose to reward your employees that you see doing exactly that. Recognizing these achievements will make your employees feel good about their work, reinforce your company values, and motivate your whole team.

3. Foster a Community of Positivity and Gratitude

No one wants to work in a negative environment. Although some negativity from mishaps and the general stress of work is inevitable, it’s important to foster a positive culture that people want to be in. This will benefit your employees and customers alike!
One easy way you can work on fostering a positive community is by complimenting your employees and thanking them for their hard work. Make a habit of telling your employees what they’re doing right: not just during reviews, but also day to day when you see them excelling in the workplace.

4. Ask Employees How You’re Doing

How will you know if you’re improving the company culture? Ask your employees how you’re doing! Give them surveys or set aside time to interview them about your company culture. This will create a good open dialogue between you and your employees and show them how much you value their input. This is a great opportunity to find out how you can improve and what you are doing well. It can also help you gain the respect of your employees.

5. Improve Your Hiring Process

Creating a better company culture has to happen at the employee level. If you aren’t thoughtfully hiring people who will strengthen your company culture, you’re only damaging it. You need to hire individuals who care about your company values and who will put them into practice every day on the job.
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Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

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